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I'm a Stage IV

Melanoma Survivor!

June 18, 2009 I was diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma  and given the standard 6-9 months before my clock ran out...

April 5, 2013 I finished my last infusion of Nivolumab (Bristol Meyers Squibb's Anti PD-1) in a 30 month clinical trial with Dr.Weber at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida.

I have had NO  evidence of disease. As of today 04/28/2014- it's been over  5  years  that and I remain NED. ...My life  was interrupted but I'm still standing! 

Inside look at my Melanoma Center~ H. Lee Moffitt- Tampa, Florida

As you  can see, I am fond of Moffitt!  I highly recommend Moffitt from personal experience.  I have high praise for the cutaneous clinic, the clinical research unit and their AWESOME oncologists! Moffitt Cancer Center is one of 41 NCI-designated comprehensive cancer centers in the country and the only one in Florida. Below I have listed the current clinical trials currently open at Moffitt.

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The mission of Moffitt Cancer Center

is to contribute

to the prevention and cure of cancer.

Melanoma / Skin Cancer news headlines provided courtesy of Medical News Today.

A day at Disney World with my Hubby and my floppy hat to protect me from the Florida UV rays!   Summer 2012.

My Hubby and I at Mayo Clinic just before my biopsy June 2009.

Melanoma News-By Lynn  (Click) My Facebook group where  I post News and updates . I have many PDF and Word doc files uploaded.

Clinical Trails currently at Moffitt  for Skin/ Melanoma

Updated from Moffitt website on April 28, 2015

If you believe you are eligible for one of these trials or studies, please call 1-888-MOFFITT (1-888-663-3488) and select option #2.